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About Us

Who are we?

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Real people who use Social Media on a daily basis, and are passionate about sharing knowledge and experience with others. We pride ourselves on the quality of our content. While we cover hundreds of different topics, they all have one thing in common: readers looking for information they can trust.

ARedesSociales offers informative content on Social Networks, Internet and Digital Technology. Our content library, created and refined by tech-savvy professionals, helps you understand the basics of the digital world, learn how to perform specific tasks, and find the best products and solutions, without the confusing jargon you find elsewhere.

You don’t live or breathe technology, but you use it every day and expect it to work. Our goal is to help you get the most out of technology in your life. We are ARedesSociales, untangled technology.

Our writers

Our writers have extensive experience working with the technology they write about. These are real people who use Social Media on a daily basis, they are passionate about sharing that knowledge and experience with others.

They write in this blog:

  • Santos Guerra, SEO Consultant and Internet User since 1996.
  • Aileen Zaera, Social Communicator.
  • Rodneal Nathaniel, CEO at Orinoco Marketing.

Our writers create expert, original, accurate and high-quality content, free from ethical concerns, conflicts or misinformation. If you ever find an item that you think needs improvement, email us at [email protected] and let us know.

Contact us

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Social Media Help

For help with a particular social network we recommend contacting us through our Facebook page or group. Your response is more likely to be taken up quickly by some of the other members of our wider community, and it is likely that some of them have experienced the same problem in the past.


We always enjoy reading reviews about our website, whether you have an idea for an article or a suggestion for something we should do differently. Please direct any comments to [email protected]

Do You Want to Write with Us?

We are always looking for experienced, passionate and tech-savvy freelance writers. Here’s how you can get involved.


Offer your products and services to our thousands of monthly readers. We offer a variety of options, including display ads, newsletter promotions, and sponsored items. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about personalized advertising campaigns.

We strive to use only the highest quality ads. If a poor quality ad has escaped us, let’s report in [email protected].

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